The Most Holy Church of MandyAmyism

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Mandy and/or Amy
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Welcome to the Most Holy Church of MandyAmyism. We are currently under construction. More is soon to come.

...you couldn't tell from the name? Poor child. May Amy and Mandy bless your ignorant soul.

Claudia Jean Cregg
Donnatella Moss
Abigail Bartlet
Ainsley Hayes
Joshua Lyman

The Disciples are listed in order of the number of votes received from the masses, then again in alphabetical order. Due to some odd quirk in the universe, there can only be seven Disciples at any given time. If you wish to oust and/or replace a disciple, post your plea to Mandy and Amy. Be sure to include a valid point of some sort.

High Priests

See member list.

To spread the wisdom of one Madeline Hampton and one Amelia Gardner, gods among men. Their love shall resonate through us all.

DISCLAIMER:: This is not an actual religion and does not represent the religious beliefs of some or all of the community members. It is a fictional idea crafted by two poor, ennui-infused souls one fine day and is not to be taken seriously. Or I'll come after you with napalm. xP
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